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xoutlibrary::xoutcell Class Reference

#include <xoutcell.h>

Detailed Description

Stores the input in a string stream.

The xoutcell class is used in the xoutrow class. It stores input for a cell in a row.

Definition at line 37 of file xoutcell.h.

Inheritance diagram for xoutlibrary::xoutcell:
Inheritance graph

Public Types

using Self = xoutcell
using Superclass = xoutbase
- Public Types inherited from xoutlibrary::xoutbase
using CStreamMapEntryType = CStreamMapType::value_type
using CStreamMapType = std::map< std::string, std::ostream * >
using Self = xoutbase
using XStreamMapEntryType = XStreamMapType::value_type
using XStreamMapType = std::map< std::string, Self * >

Public Member Functions

void WriteBufferedData () override
 xoutcell ()
 ~xoutcell () override=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from xoutlibrary::xoutbase
virtual int AddOutput (const char *name, Self *output)
virtual int AddOutput (const char *name, std::ostream *output)
virtual int AddTargetCell (const char *name, Self *cell)
virtual int AddTargetCell (const char *name, std::ostream *cell)
virtual const CStreamMapTypeGetCOutputs ()
virtual const XStreamMapTypeGetXOutputs ()
template<class T >
Selfoperator<< (const T &_arg)
Selfoperator<< (std::ios &(*pf)(std::ios &))
Selfoperator<< (std::ios_base &(*pf)(std::ios_base &))
Selfoperator<< (std::ostream &(*pf)(std::ostream &))
Selfoperator[] (const char *cellname)
virtual int RemoveOutput (const char *name)
virtual int RemoveTargetCell (const char *name)
virtual void SetOutputs (const CStreamMapType &outputmap)
virtual void SetOutputs (const XStreamMapType &outputmap)
virtual void WriteBufferedData ()
virtual ~xoutbase ()=0

Private Types

using InternalBufferType = std::ostringstream

Private Attributes

InternalBufferType m_InternalBuffer

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from xoutlibrary::xoutbase
void SetCTargetCells (const CStreamMapType &cellmap)
virtual void SetXTargetCells (const XStreamMapType &cellmap)
 xoutbase ()=default
- Protected Attributes inherited from xoutlibrary::xoutbase
CStreamMapType m_COutputs
CStreamMapType m_CTargetCells
XStreamMapType m_XOutputs
XStreamMapType m_XTargetCells

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ InternalBufferType

using xoutlibrary::xoutcell::InternalBufferType = std::ostringstream

Definition at line 55 of file xoutcell.h.

◆ Self


Definition at line 41 of file xoutcell.h.

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 42 of file xoutcell.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ xoutcell()

xoutlibrary::xoutcell::xoutcell ( )


◆ ~xoutcell()

xoutlibrary::xoutcell::~xoutcell ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ WriteBufferedData()

void xoutlibrary::xoutcell::WriteBufferedData ( )

Write the buffered cell data to the outputs.

Reimplemented from xoutlibrary::xoutbase.

Field Documentation

◆ m_InternalBuffer

InternalBufferType xoutlibrary::xoutcell::m_InternalBuffer

Definition at line 57 of file xoutcell.h.

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