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elxMacro.h File Reference
#include "itkWin32Header.h"
#include "itkMacro.h"
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#define elxClassNameMacro(_name)
#define elxDeclarePureVirtualGetSelfMacro(type)
#define elxInstallMacro(_classname)
#define elxout   ::xl::xout["standard"]
#define elxOverrideGetSelfMacro

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 198 of file elxMacro.h.

◆ elxClassNameMacro

#define elxClassNameMacro (   _name)
static const char * elxGetClassNameStatic() { return _name; } \
const char * elxGetClassName() const override { return _name; }


Example of usage:

class MyMetric { public: elxClassNameMacro("MyFirstMetric"); }

This macro defines two functions.

static const char * elxGetClassNameStatic(){return _name;} const char * elxGetClassName() const override { return _name; }

Use this macro in every component that will be installed in the ComponentDatabase, using "elxInstallMacro".

Definition at line 152 of file elxMacro.h.

◆ elxDeclarePureVirtualGetSelfMacro

#define elxDeclarePureVirtualGetSelfMacro (   type)
virtual const type & GetSelf() const override = 0; \
virtual type & GetSelf() override = 0

Declares a pair of pure virtual member functions (overloaded for const and non-const) to get a reference to itself, of the specified type.

Definition at line 159 of file elxMacro.h.

◆ elxInstallMacro

#define elxInstallMacro (   _classname)

This include is only used to get rid of a MSVS compiler warning when using std::copy. The warning is like: 'conversion' conversion from 'type1' to 'type2', possible loss of data To solve it ITK recommends to include itkMacro.h before <algorithm> or any other stl header. In elastix we try to make sure that elxIncludes.h is included before anything else, which includes elxMacro.h, which now includes itkWin32Header.h. Macro for installing support new components (like a new metric, interpolator, or transform). Must be invoked in the .cxx file of the component, after declaration of the class.

Example of usage:

// elxMyMetric.h //
#include "elxMetricBase.h"
#include "itkMattesMutualInformationImageToImageMetric.h"
namespace elastix {
template <class TElastix>
class ITK_TEMPLATE_EXPORT MyMetric : public MetricBase<TElastix>,
public itk::MattesMutualInformationImageToImageMetric
< MetricBase<TElastix>::FixedImageType
MetricBase<TElastix>::MovingImageType >
using Self = MyMetric;
itkNewMacro( Self ); //needed for the elxInstallMacro
elxClassNameMacro("MattesMutualInformation"); //also needed
} // end namespace elastix
#define elxClassNameMacro(_name)
Definition: elxMacro.h:152
// elxMyMetric.hxx //
// Definitions of the methods of the MyMetric class template
// elxMyMetric.cxx //
#include elxMyMetric.h
// CMakeLists.txt //
[<any other source files needed>] )
#define elxInstallMacro(_classname)
Definition: elxMacro.h:97

The class to be installed should inherit from the appropriate base class. (elx::MetricBase, elx::TransformBase etc,) and from a specific itk object.

IMPORTANT: only one template argument <class TElastix> is allowed. Not more, not less.

Details: a function "int _classname##InstallComponent( _cdb )" is defined. In this function a template is defined, _classname##_install<VIndex>. It contains the ElastixTypedef<VIndex>, and recursive function DO(cdb). DO installs the component for all defined ElastixTypedefs (so for all supported image types).

Definition at line 97 of file elxMacro.h.

◆ elxout

#define elxout   ::xl::xout["standard"]


This macro replaces 'elxout' by 'xl::xout["standard"]'. This simplifies writing messages to screen and logfile.

NB: for error and warning messages, for writing to the transformparameterfile etc. do not use elxout, but xl::xout["{error, warning, etc}"].

Definition at line 184 of file elxMacro.h.

◆ elxOverrideGetSelfMacro

#define elxOverrideGetSelfMacro
auto GetSelf() const->decltype(*this) override { return *this; } \
auto GetSelf()->decltype(*this) override { return *this; } \
static void GetSelf(const void *) = delete

Defines a pair of overrides of GetSelf() (overloaded for const and non-const), which return a reference to itself. Declares a deleted static member function overload, just to allow macro calls to end with a semicolon.

Definition at line 167 of file elxMacro.h.

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